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Family Board Game

Pictorial, verbal, numerical innovative/personal/subscription puzzles and games are our passion. Problem solving capability distinguishes humans and makes them superior. Having an active, sharp brain makes a person happier, and healthier. We aim to offer excellent new products and top customer service in the field of puzzles and games. We have extensive experience and strong credentials in designing and producing puzzles at affordable prices. We copyright all our products.

We offer hands-on, educational, fun and entertaining puzzles for a whole spectrum of people. We also offer subscription service so that new written/printed puzzles can reach you once a week where you are and according to your needs and inclination. At same time we offer to apply our unique way of straight cutting board puzzles to make a personal puzzle from a picture that you send us. Clear instructions and details will be included with every item sold by us. Our products are NOT MASS PRODUCED, rather they carry our personal touch. We cover it all for you. Customer service and satisfaction is our goal.

We welcome any constructive criticism, dialogue and cooperation in the field of games and puzzles. Please help us reach our goals of helping thousands of people to have fun and quality time with these puzzles by spreading the word about our small business and products. Your participation will propel us into success and even expansion to the digital space. 



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